Album of the Week: Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

Andrew Baumgartner, Staff

The Beach Boys are best known as a band of the summer time, music that reflects the carelessness and whimsical nature of the season.  It seemed that every other song was about the beach and surfing, which in retrospect, makes perfect sense. But as the band matured as a whole they released what is known as one of the greatest albums ever recorded, Pet SoundsPet Sounds is known for it’s unique sounds, music that has never been heard before, but heard many times after.  With lyrics about deep love and the pain that comes with it, The Beach Boys jumped from a fun band, to a great band.  At a time when rock music was dominated by English artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Pet Sounds was a breathe of fresh air for the American music scene.  With musical attributes that were mimicked for some time after by bands such as The Beatles, it is obvious that The Beach Boys have made a mark on music, and that they dug their heals into the foundation of Americana, becoming the most important American rock group ever.  So if you are looking for some good tunage one day, do not hesitate to download Pet Sounds, and proceed to sing along to catchy tunes and intricate musical parts because this album does not disappoint.