Upstoppable: Movie Review

Alex Amaru, Staff

What more can an action-junkie ask for? Watching Unstoppable provided an adrenaline rush rivaling a Six Flags roller coaster. The constant close calls, huge risks and destruction caused by this massive steel missile kept my heart pounding for the full 100-minutes and I wanted more!

Unstoppable is about an unmanned train or also known as a “coaster” that is ½ a mile long and zooming at speeds up to 70 mph. The train is hauling toxic chemicals and is heading straight towards a town that is populated with 750,000 people. It is up to First timer Will Colson (Chris Pine) and veteran Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) to stop it before the town gets completely wiped out.

Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Oscar Award winner Denzel Washington (Man on Fire, Remember the Titans) team up with Director Tony Scott (Enemy of the State, Domino) for this action thriller. The last movie that Tony Scott and Denzel Washington made together, The Taking of Pelham 123, was one of the best action movies in the summer of 2009.