Bieber Fever Lives

Victoria Santos, Journalism Student

Justin Bieber: you may hate him, or you may love him, but you definitely know who he is.

The world was first introduced to Justin in 2009 and since then, we have not stopped talking. Some followed him since he started his Youtube channel, but most know him for his chart topping songs, such as, “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” In two years, Justin Bieber has created a worldwide name for himself. He came out with My World, My World Acoustic, and My World 2.0, which all went gold, double platinum and diamond, and he’ll soon be coming out with a remix soundtrack to his movie Never Say Never, featuring, Kanye West, Rascal Flatts and Boys II Men.

As if it wasn’t enough to be the most famous 16-year-old in the world, Justin Bieber just came out with his movie titled, Never Say Never. Although many think this movie is pointless and a waste of money, it is the story of a regular kid with a dream. The movie shows Justin as a regular person devoted to his work, his fans and his music. The movie also highlights the hardships Justin went through to sell out the greatest arena in the world: Madison Square Garden.

In his song titled, “Never Say Never”, he sings, “Whenever you knock me down I will not stay on the ground Pick it up, pick it up and never say never.” In one scene, Justin becomes badly ill during his concert and when people tell him to rest, he is upset he will have to postpone two of his concerts; in the end, Justin takes care of himself and he is able to push through and not let his sickness keep him from performing at MSG.

Justin doesn’t deserve all the hatred he gets from people. In his Superbowl commercial with Ozzy, Justin is able to make fun of himself. He doesn’t let negative comments get to him because he is secure in his identity as a musician and a person.

I congratulate Justin for his perseverance and I hope someday I find something that I love just as much as he loves making music. If people open their minds and allow themselves to watch the Never Say Never movie, they will be inspired by Justin Bieber’s determination, his passion, and his amazingly perfect hair!