Goodbye Bieber Fever, Hello Black Plague

Allison Leavey, Journalism Student

“The song doesn’t even bother me anymore. I can hear it and have it not even phase me. But then again, that’s probably because I ripped my eardrums out after the first time I heard it. My only regret is that it was the last thing I heard. It’s Fried-Egg! Fried-Egg!”

Senior Ben Ryan is referring to YouTube’s newest sensation, Rebecca Black, and her single “Friday,” which in the past couple of weeks has accumulated 44 million views and almost as many related deaths.

Since the founding of YouTube in 2005, thousands of previously regular people have been able to exploit their unusual, hilarious, or incredible talents to the world. Many sensations today, such as the infamous Justin Bieber, were first introduced to the world due to their viral videos on the web. While stars like Bieber have an equal amount of fans and “haters,” Black’s video seems to have mostly “haters.”

The world has responded to Rebecca Black through comments, dislikes, and parody video responses, making it clear that just because one has access to a YouTube account and recording studio, does not mean you’re good. When Black’s song first hit Bethel High School, a chorus of “ughs,” and “omgs” and “wths” echoed from the mouths of every individual at the mere mention of the video. Which begs the question, what about it made the video so horrible, and yet so very popular? Could it be the overly autotuned vocals? The random obscure rapper that makes an appearance halfway through the song? Perhaps the fact that a bunch of thirteen-year-olds are driving a convertible… on the highway… in the fast lane… and they get passed by a bus?

While that without doubt contributes to the teenage angst that bubbles up from every adolescent in Bethel High School the minute they hit play, most students find the lyrics of “Friday” to be the biggest contributing factor-of-hatred. Junior Brianne Bohrman exclaims, “I hate [love] the part where she says, ‘Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday, Friday.’ She seriously could have gotten a lot more creative than that!” Juniors Dean Catalano and Haley Gill both agree, “’We we we so excited,we so excited, we gonna have a ball today,” is the worst part of the song.

Rebecca Black seems to be the butt of every practical joke right now, especially when Friday rolls around. Whether one believes it for the good or the bad, she has certainly changed Fridays forever. Or, at least, taught us the correct order of the days of the week.