Fall into Fashion

Kasey Burke, Staff Writer

The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are dropping, and Starbucks has once again started to make their infamous Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Many cannot wait to take that first sip of apple cider or step on crunchy leaves, but the thing I look forward to most during autumn is definitely fall fashion. I adore the transition from sandals to boots, tank tops to sweaters, and shorts to jeans.

As seen in the pictures, boots are a staple for anyone’s fall wardrobe. They protect your toes from the cold and give any outfit a more put together look. Any boot, from brown leather to black knit, always looks cute with tucked in leggings. Most people prefer UGGs (or FUGGs as the fake ones have been deemed) to any other boot. While they seem to be quite comfortable and warm, I will save you all from my anti-UGG boot tirades. No matter the style, brand, fabric, etc. you choose to wear your boots, they are definitely something any girl should have in her closet for the chilly weather of fall.

A trend this fall, as seen in some past years, are scarves. Be it cotton, wool, silk, traditional, or infinity, scarves are in. They can spice up any outfit, adding class or comfort. Scarves can be paired with any sort of shirt or blouse. I normally wear scarves with a solid shirt that compliments the colors in the scarf. Combining a scarf with a dapper blazer is also popular look this season. Adding a small necklace underneath the scarf increases the look and lets some personality shine through.

Even though the old saying, “boys will be boys”, still reigns true, there is a side of me that begs to differ. This fall, “girls will be boys” seems to be better fitting. Ever since Yves St. Laurent launched its line back in 1962, menswear for women has taken the fashion world by storm. Button downs, fitted jackets, and anything androgynous is surely in this season. To lighten the hard masculinity that can be some oxford shirts or chunky sweater, add a pendant necklace or large earrings. Playing up your make up with flirty pinks or soft neutrals as well can show the contrast between the menswear and the girl inside.