From the Runway to the Hallway

Kasey Burke, Staff

When one thinks of couture, the first thing that comes to mind is most definitely not Bethel High School. But, there are a few easy tricks to bring the Fall 2012 looks from Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week into your everyday wardrobe.

Not too long ago, hundreds of designers slaved over designs to showcase at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2012. It’s all about dissecting and ripping apart each outfit to make something your own, with influence from the designer gods themselves.

Take a look at Balenciaga’s Ready to Wear collection, for example. While wearing a jacket with a fur-trimmed middle would probably turn a few heads, there is much to learn from their collection. The pieces show countless signs of geometric shapes and simple stripes being huge for fall, as well as a subdued color palette and simple patterns. Such details can easily be found in a cute sweater or blazer that costs a fraction of the price.

Over at Prozena Schouler, one can find a plethora of deep grays, collared shirts, and mixing patterns. Now you might not think that wearing splatter-painted skinny jeans with a Fair Isle sweater necessarily goes, but who says it has too? You can mix and match prints as much as you want, but the most important rule is to have them be in the same color scheme. (Note: pairing red plaid with floral is not in anyone’s best interest!) If you study Prozena Schouler, you can see that they paired those gray and white skinnies with a gray and white Fair Isle sweater. It works, I promise you!

And over at The Row’s Ready to Wear runway collection, a label owned and made famous by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, minimalism is the way to go. Their collection was done in all black and white with a dash of royal blue; a modest arrangement with a huge impact. What they’ve done with the pieces, the way that they’ve sculpted them to hang on the model’s body, is what makes the difference. Drapery is key, as seen through the countless maxi skirts and dresses. A long trench coat or a fitted blouse paired with a looser pant changes a boring outfit into something runway-ready.

Fit is a huge part of why clothes executed incorrectly is dangerous. Not only is having the right size clothes more comfortable, but it makes you look polished and well put together. Having baggy jeans or a lumpy sweater does absolutely nothing for you! After making sure that your clothes truly fit you, check to see what material they are made out of. The Row’s collection shows us that material makes a large statement. They used silk, snake skin, and chiffon to highlight their models, something anyone can easily do. Sporting a shirt, skirt, or dress made out of a truly quality material makes your outfit ten times as beautiful. It’s the final touch that adds sophistication hardly ever seen in today’s youth’s clothes.

It might seem like a ton of work while scrambling to get ready in the morning, but having the clothes already in your closets makes looking your best incredibly easy. Analyze any runway, magazine, or photo shoot and ask yourself if you could manipulate your wardrobe into an outfit that would make any designer proud. The hallways of BHS will thank you.