Ravishing Revenge

Carina Leggio '14, Journalism Student

The addicting ABC drama, Revenge, is currently in the middle of its second season, and the mysteries surrounding Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) and the filthy-rich Grayson family continues to escalate with secrets unraveling in each heart-stopping episode. The socialite-filled Hamptons is where the story takes place, ensuring lavish parties, gorgeous dresses, and the sting of betrayal in the most high-end of fashion.

If you’re playing catch-up, the series focuses on Emily Thorne, whose real name is Amanda Clarke (she switched identities with the real Emily Thorne), and having studied the arts of revenge, returns to her childhood summer home with a plan to destroy everyone involved in the wrongful imprisonment and death of her father. In season one, Emily became very close with the wealthy Grayson family, who were directly involved with her father’s conviction, through the heart of Victoria and Conrad Grayson’s dashing young son, Daniel. With the help of her trusted tech-companion, Nolan Ross, Emily plucks away at each person who wronged her father, uncovering more secrets as she progresses on her quest for revenge. Season two continues with Emily pursuing her goal; however the appearances of new characters cause unforeseen complications in her plans. Emily currently attempts to refocus on her ultimate objective when her own emotions threaten to derail her operation.

One of the best aspects of Revenge is how successfully the writers are able to flash forward and backward seamlessly without making the plot confusing to follow. The pilot of Revenge contained such an ambiguous, jaw-dropping event that is not clarified until the end of the first season, and even then unfolded in a completely unexpected way that shocked viewers. This was an extremely effective and unique way of presenting the storyline, allowing a fast pace that moved towards revealing more about the mystery in the pilot. On the other hand, Revenge also successfully flashes back without interrupting the current storyline, but often enhances it. As shown in this past week’s episode, the flashbacks to say 2003 often expose information about characters or mysteries pertaining to the events occurring in 2012 on the show. The way the writers of Revenge are able to flash forward and backward for entire episodes enhances the storyline rather than deter from it, a difficult feat.

Also, Revenge must receive credit for the spectacular wardrobe choices and makeup/ hair team. Not only have their decisions made the characters in this drama, fashion icons, but their identifiable styles visually develop each of the characters personality traits. Emily Thorne’s outfits alone, whether in casual capris and a blazer or a floor-length, stunning red gown, are some of the most elegant and gorgeous fashion choices I have seen on television. Nolan Ross’s preppy, colorful suits mirror his quirky character traits and contribute to his ability to be such a lovable character. Even the ice queen herself, Victoria Grayson, is dressed in age appropriate, classy dresses and skirts fit for the Hamptons royalty that she represents. The fashion choices for Revenge are impeccable and contribute to the development of each character.

I recommend watching Revenge to anyone and anybody at all because it has such a universal appeal. There’s drama, there’s romance, there’s action, there’s mystery, and most importantly, they are all packaged so neatly into one series, leaving you on the edge of your seat, craving next week’s episode. Rating: A