Artist of the Month: Alejandro Quispe


When asked who should be nominated as the next Artist of the Month, Ms.Lacey had nothing but praise for Alejandro Quispe ‘14. “His concepts are sophisticated, and rich with meaning and depth we rarely see at this level,” said Ms. Lacey. This creativity has obviously been enhanced through the countless art classes in which he has excelled, including Painting, Drawing, and Art 2 among others. The devotion to the arts has lead Quispe to be the Art Department’s Scholar for the month of December, as well as the Bethel High representative for the Connecticut Association of Schools Dinner in April 2014.

When it comes to the creative process, Quispe is constantly working towards completing a finished product unique to his style. “Art lets you express yourself. For me, art is not all about having talent but about what motivates you and inspires you! Music actually inspires me greatly,” says Quispe.

Once he finds his inspiration, the artist is able to immediately create an image within his mind that captures the essence of his project. “I instantly start drawing a picture in my mind of what I want [the project] to look like. I have put extra time into my artwork to get what I envision,” said Quispe. “I listen to the art teachers’ comments and work with them.”

Quispe enjoys diving into new mediums and changing up what he uses for assignments. The artist  states, “I love whatever we are using. I think its important to be willing to use any medium.”

His personal dedication and motivation from the art teachers have been a huge driving force for the senior, who is considering plans to continue taking art classes in college. The artist has nothing but rave comments to give the Art Department, saying, “I am thankful to them for making me a better artist.”

Quispe is very proud of the artist he has become, for each class he has taken has allowed him to hone in on various skills of his and transform his ideas from fragments of thought to tangible works. There is surely more to come from this very talented artist as he leaves Bethel High with incredible skill.