Music Artist of the Month


Mallory Bruno, Staff Writer

The newly released song “Shake it Off’ is dominating the number one spot on the charts. Swift’s country star identity will soon be changing to pop on October 27 when her new album 1989 hits iTunes. Inspirations for the new album include, Nirvana and New Kids On The Block.

“I started delving into the late ’80s, and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential,” Taylor said on the Aug. 18 livestream watched by millions of fans.

When hearing the album Swift will definitely win the hearts of millions with her music and talent.  Taylor Swift has released four studio albums, three live albums, three extended plays (EPs), 33 singles, four promotional singles and 32 music videos. She is the second best selling digital artist in the United States.

On September 30 Taylor set up a surprise visit with a leukemia patient. Her new album will inspire people, not only sick children, but victims of bullying. Taylor was a victim of bullying herself before her career took off. The “Shake It Off” singer had an intense reaction to the speech Emma Watson gave at a United Nations event for a new campaign called HeForShe, a campaign aimed at getting men to become advocates and show support for gender equality.

One of Taylor’s own goals is to inspire young girls,  “I just think a lot of girls don’t know the definition, and the fact that Emma got up and explained it I think is an incredible thing, and I’m happy to live in a world where that happened.”

Many young girls associate feminism with hating boys and Taylor wants to spread a different message, that feminism simply means equality among genders. She cares about her fans, and her new album 1989 will inspire them to think positively, and not focus on the bad energy in their lives.