BHS’s Newest Art Teacher – Mrs. Joyce

BHSs Newest Art Teacher - Mrs. Joyce

From left to right: Mrs. Lynn Ferrier, Ms. Kristin Joyce, Mrs. Rebecca Lacey, Mrs. Marjorie Overmier

Dana Fotheringham, Staff Writer

Ms. Joyce sat across from me, brunette hair cut just above her shoulders in a flattering bob, with a vibrant line of blue eyeliner brightening her face. As the newest art teacher in BHS, she seemed quite at ease, dominating her classroom with a confidence that was quite impressive.

Always wanting to be a teacher, Ms. Joyce went to the University of Wisconsin where she double majored in French and art. Eventually she decided to teach art because she believed it was, “More fun, and allowed for more freedom in the classroom.” After spending eight years learning French, as well as visiting France and Quebec in her free time, Joyce considers herself well versed in the French culture.

Over the last ten years teaching, Joyce discovered that her favorite mediums of art include digital photography, printmaking, and sewing. Also, Ms. Joyce makes a lot of her own clothes as a form of creative expression, often on a whim. Recently, while watching an episode of “Mad Men”, she spontaneously decided to sew herself a pair of cigarette pants in the style of 1960’s fashion.

Ms. Joyce is currently teaching Art 1, and will be teaching Digital Photo during the second semester. In the future, she would love to teach a printmaking class, or a ceramics class.

Since becoming a teacher, she spends her time planning lessons, hiking, and listening to any kind of music she can sing along to, or “any song with a banjo” she commented with a laugh.

To students who want to pursue a career in art, she shares that  it is important to be able to take constructive criticism and be able to remove oneself far enough from their art to be able to look at it objectively. Ms. Joyce will surely provide a fresh and vibrant aura to the Bethel High School Art Department.