Winter Fashion


McKenna Leaden and Madison Schettler, Staff Writers

There is nothing like a New England winter. Here, winter fashion has the potential to express the cozy and festive auras that Christmas carols and Hallmark movies bring to us all this time of the year. Wool socks, knit sweaters and turtlenecks- dawning prancing reindeer and dancing snowflakes- wrap us Northerners in spirit and warmth. Also, a dark, forest green color paired with a vibrant cherry-red and black make the perfect plaid pattern.

As holiday parties and events begin to dominate everyone’s calendars, finding the perfect outfit to wear for you to become this season’s spectacle is key. Glamour is one well-suited holiday style to undertake in this process. It will echo the elegant and smooth manner of the classic, old-fashioned Christmas songs. Therefore, we suggest wearing polished and sparkling outfits, especially all throughout New Years. Try black, sheer tights underneath a green and red plaid skirt or dress,  and top the look with a cozy black sweater or a classic red sweater. Glossy black heels will pair great with the tights for a more sophisticated holiday look, or you can try ankle boots with a slight heel or knee-high boots. For a more ‘glittering’ look, keep your eyes peeled for “silver and gold” sequin dresses, skirts, or blouses to ring in the new year.

As for the boys, bowties have become a popular addition to the classic button-down shirt. A green or red one over a crisp, white shirt and a blazer would be great for a super formal occasion, and a plaid bowtie would be a nice holiday touch.

Once your outfit is all assembled, makeup can be a fun way to liven up our paling skin tones and add an extra pop to complete the look.

In the winter months, skincare and a healthy makeup routine are just as important as accessorizing and layering in fashion, As the days turn colder and drier, it is essential that you keep your face clear and moisturized. To do this, you need a daily routine that works for you. Everyone’s skin is different, so it is important to find a cleanser and moisturizer that nourish your skin. Cetaphil is a gentle, affordable cleanser that will keep your skin clear. If you struggle with breakouts and acne, as most of us do, try Clean & Clear; a cheap line of skincare products that can benefit all skin types. When looking for a moisturizer, you may want to try non-comedogenic products, that will not block your pores. Just as important as skincare, is lip care. L’Occitane lip balm is the perfect solution to inevitable chapped lips. Nivea has a similar, more affordable and accessible product that offers similar results. Lip scrubs may also come in handy in this endeavor, as they help to remove away all the dry skin from your lips. Many companies offer these products, but Lush has a great variety to choose from. When it comes to makeup, there are so many options in the winter months. As a rule, you may want to focus on either your lips or your eyes as a focal point, because using heavy makeup on both may be overwhelming. The same neutral shades of eyeshadow that were used in the summer and fall can still be used throughout winter. The only change that may need to be made when transitioning from summer to fall and winter makeup is lip colors. Deep reds and rich berry colors are staples for winter makeup looks. On an everyday basis, tinted lip balm is a great option for adding a hint of color and keeping your lips hydrated, but for a holiday party or event, you may want to switch to lipstick. High end brands, such as Mac are always a great options, but drugstore brands will work just as well, at a much more affordable price. Always remember that these trends can be changed to suit your preference, and they are all dependent on what you are comfortable wearing.