Movie Preview

Movie Preview

Madison Schettler, Staff Writer


Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily star in the Marvel movie of the summer, Ant Man. Targeted at the more dedicated fans of the Marvel cinematic universe, this movie follows Scott Lang (Rudd), who is given a suit which allows him to shrink in size, but gain even more strength. He must work with his mentor (Douglas), to plan and execute a heist that could save the world. Although a shrinking superhero may not match up to, say, Captain America, or Iron Man, in the eyes of movie-goers, Marvel fans are nothing if not dedicated. Skeptics of this movie’s potential success may want to revisit its trailers, and keep an eye out for the wit and action that is present in all Marvel movies. It is not clear whether this movie will be a blockbuster or just a plain bust, but it’s certainly one to pay attention to!


Paper Towns

The second of probably many more John Green film adaptations to come, Paper Towns will be released on July 24. It is the perfect summer film: a boy’s hopeless crush inspires a road trip from Orlando to New York with his closest friends. Starring supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne, and Nat Wolff, who played a supporting role in The Fault in Our Stars -the first John Green book to movie adaptation – Paper Towns has already garnered fans around the world. Q, an awkward high school senior has a mysterious midnight run-in with Margot, his beautiful yet enigmatic neighbor, which turns into an adventure he won’t soon forget. However, the next day, she disappears and he is left wondering where she went and why. The book is filled with wit and mystery, as well as messages geared towards teens, in typical John Green fashion. With an already promising cast, trailers, and plot, this movie is sure to be a summer blockbuster.