Fall Fashion


Written by Kenzie Davis, Staff Writer

The smell of pumpkin spice everything and football is in the air, Wildcats! Put away your sun dresses and sandals, it’s time to replace them with something warmer and better. We are right in the middle of a beautiful New England fall and it’s time to dress for the occasion. Fall fashion from year to year is similar, but below are some essentials your wardrobe cannot go without this season.

A Light Jacket

As we transition into colder weather, it is vital that you have a light jacket on hand that complements your already cozy look. The two most popular choices among us are absolute classics: the army green jacket and the denim jacket. If you’re feeling like trying something new, go with a tan or navy colored jacket over a neutral colored sweater or a warm cardigan that doesn’t clash with your color scheme. Find a jacket that you can layer with any outfit, there are so many to choose from.

High Waisted Bottoms

High waist haters, sigh all you want, but this style is here to stay for now. Lovers of this trend, trade in your high waisted shorts for a pair of jeans or a skirt and pair them with a comfy cardigan for the ultimate fall outfit. Pants or skirts with high waists both show off your legs and waist, making them flattering on everyone. If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly suggest you do because there are so many different ways you can wear this trend to work it into your own personal style.


Looking good is important, but not as important as feeling comfortable in your clothes. In this fall weather, a sweater is necessary to keeping warm. You probably already own this piece, so try a new color, length, or knit to update your closet. This season make your goal to wear a sweater in a way you usually wouldn’t like over a button-up shirt or with a denim skirt. Sweaters are wonderful because they can be dressed up or be worn on casual occasions. This classic will keep you feeling cozy and looking cute.

70s Inspired

This is the biggest trend of the season and you’re probably taking part in it without even knowing! The inspiration of bohemian styled outfits come from what people were wearing in the 1970s. At the time, a movement against the Vietnam War and for peace came about which allowed for more laidback clothes. Women were also demanding rights and wearing what they wanted, like dressing in men’s clothes. For the first time, the public was setting the trends instead of high fashion designers. Today, these trends are back in the form of floral and paisley prints, suede, bell bottom pants, and cotton. Apparel like suede and denim mini skirts with breathable cotton blouses are the norm this season due to this trend. Check your favorite thrift store or the closets of your older family members to find the most authentic pieces to wear this trend.

Rich Reds

Red has always been a prominent fall color, but it’s very popular this season on the runways. Anything red, from shoes to sweaters, accompanies neutral wardrobe pieces as a pop of color. Go for a deep, dark shade that will add something new to your usual look. There’s many ways to work this trend into an everyday outfit, but to start out, try accessorizing with a scarf, bag, boot or even an intense red lipstick. Trust me on this, wearing red will make you look powerful.

These pieces can be found anywhere: from the mall to the local thrift store. As clothes from past decades come back into style, a second hand store is your best friend because they often have older clothes in stock for much less than your favorite retailer. So slip on your favorite pair of boots and get shopping before the best clothes of the season are gone!