Valentine’s Day Heartoscopes


Joely Feder ’19, Staff Writer

Aries- You don’t always enjoy the lovie-dovie attitudes that come around Valentine’s Day, but this year you won’t even feel the need to roll your eyes at other people’s plans because you will be feeling the love from many people in your life. Go wish your loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day and eat some good chocolate.


Taurus- You probably love Valentine’s Day, and for good reason too, because you’re great at planning romantic things. This year, though, let someone else make the plans. Give yourself a break so you can have an even better time!


Gemini- Valentine’s Day is your time to shine, Gemini. If you’re thinking about getting someone flowers, do it. If you’re thinking about writing a sappy card, do it. The people in your life will greatly appreciate this heartfeltness, especially on a holiday that’s all about love.


Cancer- This Valentine’s Day, you may have a bunch of plans, and it’s okay not to show up to every party or see every friend. There’s always February 15th to have fun, so spend time at home if you don’t feel like going out, or go to that one party you thought sounded really fun!


Leo- This year, Valentine’s Day is all about you! It’s not a bad thing to spend V-day alone, in fact you may enjoy having an independent time, or spending the holiday with family. Don’t worry about not getting out and doing something “fun,” because you know how to have fun whether it’s with a lot of people, or only a few.


Virgo- Valentine’s Day is one of your favorites, but don’t feel the need to do something super crazy. The people around you don’t expect expensive gifts or a giant party– and you probably don’t love those things so much either, so kick back and have some relaxing times with your closest family and friends.


Libra- For you, Libra, V-day is all about showing love to your friends! You’ll have a fantastic time spending the day with your closest pals, eating chocolate, and maybe watching a funny romantic movie. If you are with a romantic partner, group dates are fun, too! Don’t worry about ruining the romance by making Valentine’s Day a group event because everyone will be having lots of fun together!


Scorpio- You’re known for being passionate, so indulge in the romanticism that comes with Valentine’s Day. Go out on a cheesy date, or buy someone flowers and chocolates if you so desire because Valentine’s Day exists to celebrate those seemingly cheesy, but also fun, things.


Sagittarius- If you want a fun date, it looks like you may get that this year. Sure, you may scoff at all the couples holding hands in the hallway, but a huge part of Valentine’s Day is being romantic. You don’t have to be with a partner to have a fun V-day, but if you get the chance, and if you decide that you want to, go for that cringingly cheesy date or get together. You may just have fun!


Capricorn- You may not see the point in Valentine’s Day, or you may shy away from all the love that accompanies it, but don’t be scared to tell your loved ones that you love them! And hey, Valentine’s Day does have some benefits (For one, eating chocolate and then buying it on sale the day after, too!)


Aquarius- You wouldn’t mind having a low-key Valentine’s Day, and this year it may be just that. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll spend V-day alone, because you’ll have a chill time with whoever you end up spending it with. Go put on your onesie and cue up Netflix because there are some really good rom-coms out there to watch!


Pisces- Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for you because it allows your dreamy romantic ideas to become reality! Don’t get too carried away, though. You may not get swept off of your feet, but you will definitely experience love in many (subtle, chocolatey, or cheesy) ways.