Halloween Humor


Halloween Humor – October 2016

By: Nisha Chokshi ’18, staff writer 

Q: Why did the skeleton ask his friend to hang out?

A: Because he was feeling pretty bonely!

Q: Did you hear Dracula bought a new boat today?

A:Yeah, it was a blood vessel.

Q: Where do fashionable ghosts shop for sheets?

A: Bootiques.

Q: Who do vampires buy their cookies from?

A: The Ghoul Scouts.

Q: What’s the problem with twin witches?

A: You never know which witch is which.

Q: What’s a haunted chicken?

A: A poultry-geist.

Q: What kind of streets do zombies like the best?

A: Dead ends.

Q: What kind of music do mummies listen to?

A: Wrap.

Q: What do you get if you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by it’s diameter?

A: Pumpkin Pi.

Q: Where do ghosts go for a swim?

A: In the Dead Sea.