Horoscopes for the New Year

Horoscopes for the New Year

Nisha Chokshi ‘18

Aries- This New Year will provide you Ariens with key opportunities lighting up a pathway for potential in your partnerships and long term careers. 2017 will be very much in your favor as the planets, including Mars, your ruling planet, are very much on your side. Explore how fulfilling togetherness can really be since your best love cycle began last year. Expect much growth and recognition in the months to come.

Taurus- This is the year many work opportunities expand for you and you begin to take care of your body. As Uranus makes its way into your 12th house you may find yourself flexing your independence in public, while spreading your wings in private. Do not worry because even with your double life you will still remain as grounded as you are normally.

Gemini- You Geminis will have romance on your mind a lot this upcoming year, as if you were struck with Cupid’s arrow. As an air sign, the options life has to offer are bountiful, pursue all things that interest you because taking full advantage of what you have is what you do best. Just remember to stay true to yourself and to not change for anyone.

Cancer- For you Cancers this year, your home, as well as family, will remain very important to you. Having strong emotional ties is something you must not fear because you will only be able to take life into the fullest when you feel secure with your environment. Trust the power of love and journey back to what feels right .

Leo- This is the year for serious love and serious commitment and to create a starring role for yourself. You will be dancing fast to try to keep up with all the changes going on around you, especially in your work and home life. You have always felt pride in your career and your family but this year things may not go as you expected them to. Things will change but you are capable of changing with it.

Virgo- As Jupiter moves into your sector of communication you will be receiving good news from siblings and neighbors. Speaking the truth with these loved ones will allow you to take these relationships to the next level. Forget about stress as you go through the rest of 2016, because 2017 will bring great rewards.

Libra-  Jupiter passing through your first house  has most likely been very pleasant for you, as it’s basically a full year of joy and happiness. Take the time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones during these months since they will offer a more rewarding end. The relationships may be a little unexpected and confusing, but give them the benefit of the doubt, because they might be great.

Scorpio- The past will be something you Scorpios will be hyper aware of in the upcoming year, but try to avoid fixating on what has already happened. You will begin to understand how the past is affecting your present-day life, and learning to deal with problems will be strong this year as you truly find yourself.

Sagittarius- Prepare for a fated year, my Sagittarians!  This year will be asking a lot from you, including to step up and take charge. You will be learning about yourself and the people around you via experience, something that may seem a little frightening. Be prepared to turn to a new page in your Book of Destiny.

Capricorn- Armed with intense desire and untapped potential, 2017 will very much be your year. You will have the chance to create positive change in all areas of your life, with the assistance of Pluto, who loves transformation, you will be almost unstoppable. Pluto will also begin to stir up your deepest fears and hidden feelings.

Aquarius- Manifest your desires this year my sweet Aquarians! This year will show you career opportunities that will bring recognition, as well as travel, into your life. May will be the emphasis of your year, so remember to cherish life and begin to build warm relations with others. Though freedom may be important to you, remember there is such thing as too much independence.

Pisces- Travel and exploration are going be very evident in your lives this year. As Jupiter, the Planet of Good Luck and Fortune, moves into your sector, long distance relationships as well as travel, will be at its peak. Love will enter its hot zone, but with this high you will experience unexpected issues arising with money. Stay positive and plan for your future; don’t forget that some things will remain out of your control, so don’t stress it!