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What Are You Listening to?


by: Kaia Szulewski ’19, staff writer

Music taste varies from person to person, but it is always interesting to see what people are listening to.

Our own Bethel High School teachers and students have a very diverse array of playlists, songs, and artists that represent each individual preference.


Students are currently listening to a range of pop to alternative.

“I’m a Shawn Mendes person,” Gia Antolini ‘18

“I love Green Day’s new album,” Jillian Ramey ‘19

“Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favorite,” Michael Lopez ‘17


Many students tend to believe teachers don’t have interests outside of school. So, it’s surprising to hear many of their own music choices.

“The Piano Guys,” Spanish teacher Mariza Davila-Madwid

“I really like the Brad Mehldau Trio,” Music teacher Richard Baumer.

“If you ask me tomorrow I will likely be listening to the Hamilton mixtape” History teacher Crystal Morgan

“My current favorite are the Fleet Foxes” Digital Academy teacher Lori Dight
Both teachers and students have very unique tastes in music. We should celebrate our diversity here at Bethel High, even when it comes to music. So, what are you listening to?