Horror-Scopes 2017


Nisha Chokshi ’18
Staff Writer

Aries seem to always be craving independence and enterprise, but this month, try going for compromise and cooperation. Being known as one of the more aggressive signs is not just a myth: irritability should be kept under control this month, so avoid any sort of fights with those you care about. As Halloween approaches, you may become interested in enhancing your spiritual faculties and mystic ideas, so embrace the spookier side of life and follow your interests!


Classic Taurus, career and worldly ambitions will be predominant for your zodiac this October. Like Aries, the Lunar eclipse may change your spiritual guides and there may be long term alterations to your spiritual thinking; look into it as it may be able to help further goals. October is a great time for taking care of your personal looks, so why not test it out by putting together a contest-winning costume this Halloween?


As ruler Mercury moves, there will be a lot of influence on you, Gemini. You will be interested in the dealings of your friends and family members and will also be inclined towards spirituality and mysticism. The first half of October will be very fast-paced and exhausting so the second half has to be the time to call up the “evil twin” and get your spook on for Halloween, you Gems!


Drifting away from the Cancer season, it’s time for you to try something new and October is the perfect month for that! Your personality is about to transform and you’ll come out with a new identity! The most drastic of all changes though, will be the way you present yourself to the outside world. Just stay away from any Victorian era fashion, you don’t want to be confused for a vampire!


As difficult as it may seem, it is necessary to be able to cooperate with others, as your success depends on how you manage various interests and people with your experience and wisdom. Self care is a top priority this month, indulging in detoxification of the body will get rid of impurities and boost confidence. Even though it may formally be “spooky szn” it’s also “self care szn” for you Leos.


Like always, October is the perfect time for expanding your knowledge as well as spreading your understanding of subjects to others by means of teaching or communication, a.k.a. Virgo self care. One of the best ways for you to expand your knowledge is by throwing yourself into it, and I suggest travel. Whether it be to the next town over for trick-or-treating or across the country to the West Hollywood Halloween Festival, travelling will open your eyes to something new.


Air signs seem to always be going, but this month it’s better for you Libras to take it slow. Focus on only the important things this month and postpone unnecessary things to a later date. Though a lot of your life may seem unsteady and unpredictable, there will be a great shift in your personal outlook and the way you present yourself to the world. Be sure to keep in mind that as many holidays are just around the corner, creativity will take you very far.


The spookiest of them all! Scorpios, it is your time to shine and prove to everyone why Halloween lands during your season. Your House of Self will be very powerful, you know your goals and you know how you’ll get them, there is no need for depending on others or compromising to their whims, your way is the best way. Just don’t do anything too crazy!


You Sagittarians will be one of the most changed zodiacs after October is over. This month is a great time for reflection — on yourself, your family and your friends. Friendships may be strained, but the genuine friendships will survive and last much longer than you initially expected. You’ll be filled with the energy to do so much this month and releasing this energy into some sort of project will be most beneficial! Creative projects will have the most success, so might I suggest a pumpkin decorating contest or two?


You’re in for a storm, Caps! Both professional and family lives will be undergoing some changes this month, so it is essential to take it slow and solve one problem at a time. Pace your activities and do not overwhelm yourself as you may usually do. Keep focus on what’s really important to you and you’ll be ending this month feeling happier than ever.


Aquarius, it’s time to let go of the old and find a new way of life this month. Change is healthy for you and as the seasons change, you should, too. Your family will be as supportive as ever of your new ways and accept whatever you do, but do not forget to return the praise and love they gave you. You’ll find a lot of help with friends this month, they’ll be there to help you pursue whatever project you’ve chosen to conquer next and will always be there for you.


This month might feel a little bizarre to you Pisces. Multiple changes will be going on all at once, whether self change or global change. The result to all of these changes will make themselves present by the end of the month. Be wary of those who could turn these results negative and you’ll be all set. Don’t forget that you are in control of your own life and even when things seem overwhelming, you can help yourself.