April Book Reviews


Phoebe Baldwin ’20
Staff Writer

“Before I Let Go” by Marieke Nijkamp

     Corey and Kyra didn’t click with others in Lost, Alaska, making them inseparable. So, when Corey and her family move to Winnipeg, Canada, Kyra promises she will wait for Corey. However, a few days before Corey is supposed to come back for winter break, Kyra mysteriously dies. “Before I Let Go”, by Marieke Nijkamp, illustrates Corey’s journey in solving this devastating mystery.

     With the town treating Corey like a stranger and fresh salmonberry flowers being planted in January, Corey knows that the residents of Lost are hiding something. However, figuring out the secrets of her town and finding the truth about her bipolar disordered best friend will be harder than she thinks.

     Marieke Nijkamp uses Corey’s, and occasionally Kyra’s perspective to enhance the reader’s understanding of the plot. In addition to this, the author incorporates memories of Corey and Kyra’s friendship to portray the strong bond and love they have for each other.