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April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

Nisha Chokshi ’18
Staff Writer

Aries, though the first half of your season may be spent in Mercury retrograde, do not worry because the good will overpower any mishaps that may occur. This month you will experience a lot of self-development and unusual ideas that will create opportunities later in the month.


Taurus you may be developing your own sense of inner resourcefulness this month. In order to wind up some unfinished projects you may need some private time in seclusion and solitude.


The focus for Geminis this month will be on friends, groups associations, achieving your highest aims and social and humanitarian interactions. you become more introspective and prize your privacy and seclusion.


Cancers, look for unusual and unexplored opportunities to enhance your income as you will be having a lot of good luck this month. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious as you begin to make a lot of new friends this spring.


The month of April puts emphasis on travel, publishing, legal concerns, educational and religious pursuits for you Leos. a good time to use your energy and enthusiasm to promote a writing project, a health program or to put your ideas for improved work conditions out in front.


Virgos, complete as much of your work from home, if you can, you’ll feel more innovative and creative. This month is a good month to pursue what you want and ask for things you know you deserve. Your dating and romantic encounters can be more costly than anticipated, so stay on your toes.


This month, Libras excess energy would be well spent in domestic and household chores. This specific full moon would be an ideal time to promote your own projects and launch new ventures, as your drive will be at an all time high.


Scorpios will need to focus on themselves this month as there will be a spotlight on work, physical health, and daily routines. There will also be a great emphasis on both close and intimate relationships as well as your relationship with yourself.


A Sagittarius will have nothing but fun this month! Finding enjoyment in things like romance, entertainment, sports and games will not be anything surprising to you, it will all feel very natural. Be careful to keep your ego in check as arguments with loved ones may become frequent.


Home and family will be big parts of your month, Capricorn. There will also be an increase in interest in pleasurable pursuits, artistic and creative interests, romance and children. It is a great time to pursue a creative endeavor as imagination will be at a peak this month.


A big part of April for Aquarius will be focused on neighborhoods. local travel, education, and communications. Situations involving those matters will be highlighted in the next two weeks as well. It is time for change so try something new and remember to take care of yourself.


Pisces will be spending a lot of time on finances and personal income this month. Be careful to not trust any sort of loan, fiscal or not, too easily as you may not receive what you wanted. Mid month will be a good time to to promote some progressive and innovative changes at work.