December 2018 Horoscope

December 2018 Horoscope

Phoebe Baldwin

Staff Writer


December Horoscopes


Aries- You are very energetic this month and won’t want to slow down. However, you will need to work on patient and tolerance since it will be a struggle for you. This month will allow you to reflect on the year, while plan ahead for the holidays.

Taurus- Communication will be a strong suit for you this month. With Saturn retrograding in you third house, articulating what is important to you will be a breeze,so everyone will be excited when you announce your New Year’s Eve party.  

Gemini- In the beginning of December, communication is going to be a struggle. By the end on the month, however, you will be able get to the root of any problem that comes your way and just in time for Christmas too.

Cancer- Being a dreamer this month will be an advantage to you when picking out presents for your friends and family. It is all about being with others for you, and this way, you might make a new friend.

Leo- Creativity is big for you during one of the coldest months of the year. No one would be surprised if you frozen over the competition when building the best snowman.

Virgo- You are going to have to work on patience during this winter. However, it will be worth the wait when the holiday cookies are done baking.

Libra- This month you will be motivated and have more energy to wrap your presents. However, there will be difficulties in communication, thus much frustration. With your positivity, you will be able to overcome this.

Scorpio- You will be working very hard to achieve your goals. This does not stop you from expressing yourself through the different winter activities. So go out and have fun with your friends this month, you may just learn new ice skating techniques to show off.

Sagittarius- Happy Birthday! This month will be full of energy and inspiration for you and you are not going to waste it. It is important to have your ideas grounded so you are able to achieve them.

Capricorn- This month is all about creativity and opportunity. You will be able to seize them when discovering new tactics in the snowball fights with your friends.

Aquarius- December is has new talents and interests on the rise. In addition, you will find yourself reflecting on you life and should focus on solution to any upcoming conflict.

Pisces- Change is scary and this month will be full of them for you. Relying on friends and family will help you get through them and increase your existing energy.