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cover of the book

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Phoebe Baldwin ‘20, Staff Writer

 “A Little in Love” by Susan E. Fletcher

    Ever since she was a child, Eponine was taught to lie, cheat and be cruel to Cosette, the potential friend turned slave by her parents. Yet, she was not a horrible child. Eponine loved her baby brother, enjoyed playing outside and made sure to atone for all her bad deeds.  

    One day, Cosette was bought and taken away, directly affecting Eponine’s life.  

    Now at sixteen, Eponine and Cosette meet again in Paris. However, will both girls’ falling in love with the same boy destroy any hope of mending their broken friendship?

    Based on the play, “Les Miserables”, Susan E. Fletcher depicts Eponine’s struggles from a young age and later on in her love life. Readers can be inspired by Eponine’s determination to be a better person not only for the boy she loves but for herself as well.