Looking for a Book for Spreak Break? | 2019

Looking for a Book for Spreak Break? | 2019

The Book Nook

Phoebe Baldwin

Staff Writer


“Super Moon” by H.A. Swain

    Uma has been the oddball in her classes ever since her family moved to the Utilitarian Survival Colony from Earth.  Unfortunately for Uma, this colony is on the Moon and since arriving, she has been desperate to go back to Earth. As a stowaway, this biology loving girl finally gets to travel to Earth. However, if Uma doesn’t return to the Moon, her mother could be forced back to a miserable life in the Wastelands on Earth.

    Talitha is an Earthgirl on the run with her brother Castor, living a life that she hates. Being from the Wasteland makes Talitha and Castor part of the lowest class on Earth, which results in them stealing from the highest classes for survival.

     One fateful day, both girls meet and find love in one another. Little do they know that each is holding onto secrets that could tear their star-crossed love apart.

    “Super Moon” tells the tale that is written in stars and is a novel recommended for audiences that enjoy romance and sci-fi adventures.