Need a Halloween Movie? | 2019

Lauren Cedrone ‘21

Staff Writer

Top Ten Movies to Watch This Halloween Season 

  1. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)
    1. After hearing of a potential vandalization of their grandfather’s grave, a brother, sister and their friends set out to investigate. Along the way, they stop at a family friend’s farmhouse where they discover a not so friendly group of neighbors; one being a psychotic murderer who wears a mask of human skin and refuses to let any of them get away. Watch if you dare. 
  1. “Poltergeist” (1982) 
    1. A family home is haunted by a group of demonic ghosts through their television. When they family’s youngest daughter, five-year-old Carol-Ann, goes missing, they turn to an Exorcist for help. 
  2. “The Gallows” (2015)
    1. In 1993, a teen dies due to a prop malfunction during a performance of “The Gallows.”  Ten years later the school tries to put on the show again but some sinister spirits decide to put their own spin on the show. Good luck getting through this one without a shriek or two. 
  3. “Saw” (2004)
    1. This series of psychological thrillers takes you along the journey of the torturing of groups of seemingly unconnected strangers in the most cringeworthy ways possible. Unbelievable endings and extraordinary connections across all the movies. An absolute must-watch, even if you’re squeamish. 
  4. “The Blair Witch Project” (1999)
    1. Supposed discovered video footage shows the not-so-exciting adventure of three filmmakers who want to investigate the Blair Witch Murderer in Maryland. The group ends up in the woods and struggle to survive something much larger than themselves. You will never look at a casual hike in the woods the same after this psychological thriller. 
  5. “The Conjuring” (2013)
    1. A terrifying telling of a true story of a family being harassed by a demonic spirit. If you aren’t already spooked by basements, some scenes in this film are sure to awaken your paranoia. (Fun Fact: the actual house where this haunting took place was in the town I lived in in Rhode Island and is now a daycare!) 
  6. “Paranormal Activity” (2007)
    1. A young couple sets up a video camera to record the frightening details of the torment of evil spirits within their home. However, neither they or you will be truly prepared to witness what the camera captures. 
  7. “The Shining” (1980)
    1. After moving his family into an isolated hotel in Colorado to become a caretaker in hopes of curing his writer’s block, Jack Torrance discovers a menacing spirit whose main goal is to terrorize his family. 
  8.  “The Babadook” (2014)
    1. A single mother finds herself troubled with the comforting of her son after he complains of a soul-shaking spirit in their house. It doesn’t take long for the spirit to begin to harass them both. 
  9. “Scream” (1996) 
    1. A masked killer finds a way to be clever but terrifying in this slasher-horror film. A scream and a giggle are never too far apart when watching this classic. 

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