First Look at “A Christmas Carol”


By: Lara Cruzado ’23

Staff Writer

Happy Holidays! This year’s winter drama is “A Christmas Carol,” a play perfect for the holiday spirit (or in this case, spirits)! Based on Charles Dickens’ famous novel, “A Christmas Carol” is a classic tale of greed, ghosts and holiday spirit!

    The tale is narrated by Jeremy Finn ‘25, who plays Charles Dickens himself as he tells the audience the story of Ebenezer Scrooge (Jack Boucher ‘22), a morbid, rude and rich businessman who hates Christmas. 

     After Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, he receives a warning from the spirit that he will be visited by three other ghosts; each ghost represents a different aspect of time and of course, Christmas!

     The Ghost of Christmas Past (Norah McCollam ‘25) shows Scrooge his younger selves played by Benjamin Wismar-Burger and Jayden Garofalo-Colon (‘24). He also sees other people who were influential in his life such as his late sister Fanny Scrooge, (Isabel Shenkel ‘23) and his ex-fiance Belle (Lara Cruzado ‘23). 

     After begrudgingly witnessing all this, Scrooge comes across the cheerful Ghost Of Christmas Present (Will Esposito ‘25) who takes him to the house of Bob Crachit (Dylan Ellis ‘24), his hopeful accountant and Mrs. Crachit (Libby Resendes ‘23). 

     The visits conclude with the terrifying Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come (Lara Cruzado ‘23), who alongside the other spirits bring up the question: what is the true meaning of Christmas? And will Scrooge be able to change his dark fate?

     Especially after COVID, it is important to support live theater. 

     “To be able to go out and perform on the stage again is truly fulfilling! Without our annual ticket sales, the theatre department/boosters doesn’t have the money to pay for the necessary equipment to be able to put the magic together. With the sale of just one ticket, it is contribution enough for us to continue doing what we do best!” said Libby Resendes ‘23.

     General admission tickets are $12 and they can be purchased at the door or through the Bethel Theater Boosters Website ( If you donate a non-perishable item at the door, tickets are only $10. Contact Mrs. Morgan with any questions.

     If you are interested in joining our theater program, audition for our Spring Musical “The Drowsy Chaperone,” a musical comedy that follows “The Man In The Chair” as he captivates our audience with the tale of his favorite musical: The Drowsy Chaperone, which is lead by iconic characters such as Janet van De Graff, The Chaperone, Adolpho and more. 

     Auditions will be held in mid-December. Be on the lookout for more information during the announcements and follow @bethel_high_theater and @bethel_music_dept on Instagram for updates.