Elden Ring Review

Zander Lopez ‘ 23

     “Elden Ring” is a fantasy adventure game created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is also the mastermind behind “Dark Souls Trilogy,” “Bloodborne” and “Sekiro” – all of which are games that are notorious for being some of the most difficult games in the industry.  “Elden Ring” is no exception. 

      In the first month of its release on Feb. 25, it immediately caught every gamer’s attention with its expansive landscapes and high-quality graphics. 

       The game starts with explaining the world it is in but still keeps everything very vague for the player so they can continuously reveal hidden secrets throughout the game, even after 100+ hours of gameplay. 

 You play as a reborn tarnished warrior whose main goal is to become an Elden Lord before the other tarnished creatures do.  

     This game is absolutely massive and has many secrets. The main storyline has you fighting the Shard Bearers who hold the shards of the Elden Ring and are incredibly difficult bosses to get to the ending; the game incentivizes you to explore and find different weapons, gear and runes to help you level up. 

      If you’re on the fence about the game and feel like the gaming world doesn’t have enough content right now I highly recommend “Elden Ring” since it gives players an exciting challenge. 

     It still holds a little over 70 thousand viewers on Twitch every day and stream charts hold upwards of 250 thousand players per day. 

     Even after the dust settles and the game is in theory, over, the game still allows for multiplayer and invading other tarnished worlds to duel them one on one or up to 3v3 with your friends.