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October BOTM: Sold On a Monday | 2019


Phoebe Baldwin ‘20

Staff Writer


“Sold On A Monday” by Kristina  McMorris 

     It’s 1931 and everyone is struggling. A sign that puts children up for sale is usually a last resort for mothers, yet they are found everywhere in an era of bank runs, breadlines and broken homes. 

     For Ellis Reed, the appalling scene evokes memories of his family’s dark past, thus capturing it through a photograph that leads to his big break. However, the consequences are much more catastrophic than he ever intended. 

     Lillian Palmer, an assistant at the paper, is plagued by her role in Ellis’s big break. She is familiar with the horror of unwanted children as well as the heartbreak of a mother being separated from a child.  Both Lillian and Ellis must work together in order to fix the broken family they destroyed. 

     The character development of Ellis and Lillian shape the novel and not only contribute but defy the expectations of the time period.  

     “Sold on a Monday” is definitely a novel recommended to any reader who enjoys having a glimpse into the past.