April Horoscopes


Aries: This month will be an opportunity for growth for Aries. You will have the time to reflect on your progress and take on new, exciting responsibilities. Amid all the positive energy, Aries may also struggle with finances, especially in the middle of the month. It’s important to watch your spending and decide whether your desires are financially feasible. Overall, this month should be one full of novelty.

Taurus: Although you may feel at odds with the world around you at the beginning of the month, this feeling will soon disappear. If you find yourself holding too strongly to your convictions, try looking at the situation from a different angle. While it’s important not to doubt your instincts, it can be beneficial to try and learn as much as possible from the experience. You may come back into contact with a long-lost acquaintance and the reunion is likely to be sweet.

Gemini: This month will be a positive one for Gemini if you can maintain balance. While you may feel tempted to shoot off in all directions, your time is better spent focusing on the projects and people most important to you. It’s important to keep practicality in mind when envisioning future ventures, and while you may be feeling a bit reserved this month, it’s important to take the lead in new friendships and relationships.

Cancer: Unfortunately, April will likely be a month of taut emotions and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. If you find yourself swamped with busy work and responsibilities, take it upon yourself to make time for recuperation. It’s important to focus on self-care this month. You may also find yourself in the crosshairs of many arguments, and while it may be tempting to resolve the conflict, remove yourself from the situation to prevent further stress.

Leo: This month will be full of good luck for Leo. If you’ve been at a standstill with either a project or a personal relationship, this will likely disappear early in the month. Now is the time to look for new opportunities and to branch out of your comfort zone and your attempts will likely be rewarded. If you’ve been falling behind lately, make sure to make up your studies so that you won’t be stressed at the end of the year.

Virgo: You will likely struggle to choose between your desires and the need for practicality. You must keep a close watch over your outlook and try to practice moderation. Later in the month, you may be rewarded with an exciting outing or opportunity. If you’ve been struggling recently, look to your creativity for new ways to look at the situation and find a solution. The end of the month will be one of letting go and making sure not to hold on too closely to harmful factors.

Libra: Unfortunately, April will be a month full of conflict for Libra. It may seem like you can’t seem to understand those around you and friends and family are more stubborn than ever. It may be a good idea to wait until later in the month to ask for favors, as tensions will likely have calmed by then. If you find yourself in a confrontation, don’t hesitate to make yourself heard as this is a chance for you to change your situation.

Scorpio: While you may experience some conflict between friends this month, it’s important not to let this get in the way of your plans for fun and relaxation. Difficulties that arise this month will likely be caused by the stubbornness of those around you. Despite these hardships, you will be rewarded with opportunities to shine in your talents and new endeavors. Don’t hesitate to show off, as your efforts will likely be rewarded with success.

Sagittarius: This month will be all about exploring your passions and investing in new hobbies. If something interests you, you’re encouraged to get involved in any way you can. While you may usually feel self-confident, the middle of the month may come with a slew of insecurities. During this time, it’s important to practice self-care and to reach out for help. If these feelings persist through the end of the month, look into self-help books and assess the aspects of your life that could be bringing you unhappiness.

Capricorn: The beginning of the month is one filled with small joys for Capricorn. Now is the time to reconnect with past hobbies or friendships and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. Relationships with friends and family will likely be positive throughout the month, especially towards its end. If you find yourself feeling restless, try to plan an outing or day trip to make the most of the month’s good energy.

Aquarius: Although you may have been full of energy in the past couple of weeks, this is likely to come to a stall by the beginning of April. If you find yourself losing interest in your activities or friendships, try to reach out to new experiences. Although the month will likely be a tedious one for Aquarius, it’s important not to lose sight of your end goals and to continue putting forth your best effort.

Pisces: Relationships that have been up in the air the past couple of months will now be cemented. Therefore, it’s important to establish your intentions with the other person and to make sure communication is open and agreeable on both sides. You may run into some arguments with your family towards the middle of the month and you mustn’t let harsh words distract you from the core problem.