Halloween DIYS

Halloween DIYS

Kaia Szulewski, Staff Writer

Written by Kaia Szulewski, Staff Writer

Many people associate October with autumn leaves, or with delicious pumpkin spice lattes, or even the new sports season, but of course, the most recognized trait of all is Halloween. When it comes time for decoration shopping, odds are somebody else has the same decorations you have your eye on. So why not be super original and follow these quick, unique do-it-yourself outside decoration ideas for some creative ideas.


Spooky Ooze

Materials- Corn Starch, water, and green food dye

  1. Put together 1 cup of cornstarch in a bowl
  2. In a separate bowl, mix 4 drops of green food dye with a small amount of water (about ⅓ of a cup)
  3. Slowly add the water while mixing in between until the mix gets tough to stir

It may seem like a third grade trick, but trust me, you’ll be fooling your halloween guests if you have this cup hanging from your porch with two holes cut in the side, just enough for the ooze to drip out, but not enough for it to drip everywhere. If you want to, decorate the cup to look like a monster and poke holes near the mouth or nose to get an easy, one of a kind decoration.


Scary Eyes

Materials- Paper towel rolls, tape, and glow sticks

  1. Cut eyes in the paper towel roll (fold the roll long ways to be able to cut into it a bit better)
  2. Crack a glow stick, and tape it on the inside of the roll, making sure only the glow is visible and not the stick itself through the eye holes

And in no time at all, you have your spooky homemade halloween eyes! Stick them in the hedges in your front lawn, or possibly on your windowsill! Don’t worry, in the dark nobody will see the towel roll, so all that will show are the scary illuminated eyes coming from within your yard.


Lanterns Ghoul-or (or Pumpkins)

Materials- String LED lights, white or orange lanterns (or just a large white or orange lantern), black sharpie

This one is pretty straightforward- draw little faces in your lanterns to cause the effect of a pumpkin or ghost lantern. These are great to hang up for halloween parties for the touch of halloween spirit!