BHS is Ready for the Holidays

BHS is Ready for the Holidays

by: Audrey Garcia ‘19, staff writer

With Thanksgiving 2016 behind us, we stand on the cusp of another holiday season. Walking around BHS, it isn’t hard to tell that the students and staff are settling into the holiday mood. There is already an abundance of christmas sweaters, and rumors of the coveted one-dollar holiday socks at Target. Teachers decorate their classrooms, such as english teacher Mrs. Ricciardone, with festive lights draped over her SMARTboard. It is clear that many students have their eyes set on the calendar, waiting for December 23.

The spirit of the holidays is evident. Megan Greene ‘19, said with a smile, that she is looking forward to “sitting by a fire on a snow day, while listening to christmas music.”

She went on to talk about her family’s holiday traditions of having a gingerbread competition, but circled back to the serene days where snow falls. Greene is hardly the only one with snow on her mind, as Kaylen Luu, a BHS senior, said enthusiastically that the snow was easily what she looks forward to most when this season rolls around.

Luu also mentioned that the season was a very “loving” one for her, filled with cold nights and cozy blankets.

Greene echoed the sentiments of many when she said that for her, the holiday season was best described as “joyous.”

As everyday passes, one more christmas tree inhabits a window, and countless lights twinkle through the night. The holiday break draws near and students are looking to power through the next few weeks. But the season is fleeting, and before we know it, it will be over.

So, before that happens, we listen to Bing Crosby, and Mariah Carey. We watch “Charlie Brown”, and the “Grinch”. We drink hot chocolate by fires, listening to the sweet sound of a silent night. We partake in traditions, from decorating trees, to baking cookies. And we all know there is nothing quite like seeing downtown Bethel frosted in snow, and sprinkled with lights. Happy holidays BHS!