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Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas


 By: Nushreth Bhuiyan ’24, Staff Writer 

With the holiday season right around the corner, the hunt for the trendiest presents has been initiated. With a new generation and an entirely different set of expectations for holiday presents, what exactly is the perfect gift?  

     “Fidget toys could be an amazing holiday present,” said Phoebe Khare ‘24. No matter what store you walk into, you can find a pop-it or other type of fidget toy for only a few dollars. 

     Thanks to social media, gift ideas and trends spread rapidly. 

     In past years, items such as hydro flasks, hoverboards, slime and scrunchies were some of the most popular items on many wish lists. 

    However, many of these items, or trends, have already become a thing of the past.  

     This year, it seems teens are interested in weighted blankets, Air Pods, ring lights and Squishmallows. 

     The “New York Times” recently published their 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, where you can browse gifts by interest. They even have the category “Inexpensive Gifts” where they suggest the Expanded iPhone Aperture, which is a 3-in-1 Cell Phone Lens Kit perfect for any amateur photographer. 

     “Macbooks or Air Jordan High tops can also be a good alternative to the traditional presents given every year,” said Macie Mietz ‘24, but of course, those are a bit more pricey. 

     Whatever gift you decide to give, always remember, it’s the thought that counts.