Holiday Traditions

By: Callie Russell ’24

As winter sets in, people are now getting ready for the holidays. This season is a time of togetherness and happiness, and everyone celebrates differently.  Three of our very own Bethel High School students share some of their unique holiday traditions.

“Every year on Christmas Eve, we go to my aunt’s house and put up a tree with my family. My favorite part is all of my family coming home and enjoying time with them, especially with the difference of my sister now at college. It is such a great time where I can disconnect and be with the people I love most,” said Avery Englund ‘24.

“My holiday traditions are cutting down my family’s Christmas tree and decorating it. I also go down to New Jersey to visit more family. I think the notion that everyone has a little more peace within themselves is what the holidays mean to me though,” said Jack Robinson ‘23.

“My favorite things and traditions about the holidays are just seeing the seasonal themes everywhere I go in town and in stores. Every year, I look forward to coming home to see how my mom decorated the inside of the house and the Christmas tree. I decorate the outside of the house with my dad, too. Also, I love making a gingerbread house even though no one ever really eats the whole thing. And just being able to see my family all in one place at this time of year,” said Brooke Capone ‘24.

“My family and I make a pound cake and when we make it we get a quarter and cover it in tin foil when it is baked. Each person gets a slice of cake and whoever gets the quarter gets good luck for the rest of the year. If no one gets the quarter we just keep eating until someone does,” said Georgie Russo ‘23.