The Giving Tree at the BHS

The Giving Tree at the BHS

December 1, 2022

By: Aalif Hoque ‘26, Staff Writer 


 72 gifts purchased by members of the Bethel community for The Giving Tree were recently dropped off at Social Services to be distributed to families in need. 

The Giving Tree was originally started by Student Government and is a great opportunity for members of the Bethel High School community and their families to give back to their community. 


“The Social Services of Bethel found around 140 families that needed support during the Holiday Season,” said Ms. Musser. Each year Student Government consults with Social Services on how many families are in need and what each of those families wants.  “A little boy wanted a remote car this holiday,” Musser said and she added that to her list of items needed. 

Each holiday season, Ms. Musser uses where students and staff can pick an item that they would like to donate. Ms. Musser, along with elected officials of the Student Government organize the gifts and send them over to Social Services to be distributed. You may have missed your opportunity to donate this year, but keep The Giving Tree in mind for next year. 

Thank You, Student Government and Ms. Musser for making this charity possible.