February Horoscope | 2019

February Horoscope | 2019

Phoebe Baldwin and Iqra Shafi ‘20

Staff Writers

February Horoscopes


Aries- This month will be full of socializing for you. Many new relationships will form, perhaps even a romantic one. Being a social butterfly will help you network and maybe even find a date on Valentine’s Day.

Taurus- You will get a lot done since you are very focused on your goals. It might be hard to stay motivated throughout the month and that is perfectly normal. Remember, it is good to let loose and have some fun.

Gemini- It’s all about adventure this month.With all of your energy, Valentine’s Day will be an exhilarating day for you to share with all your friends.

Cancer – During this month, you will definitely feel more private and shy. This means you will have to focus on any work that needs to get done. However, a lot of emotion will be pent up within you and should be released in order to give your special someone all the love they deserve.

Leo- Vibrant is the word to describe you. Throughout the month, you will attract everyone’s attention, including a possible significant other. Communication and creativity will be your strength, so get crafty when planning any fun activities this V-day.

Virgo- Organization will help you complete any plan you are going to set into motion this month- one of those plans may reveal your true feelings about a certain someone. This could be a turning point in your love life.

Libra- Think about what truly lights your soul on fire. You could meet someone this month who could possibly turn into your major love interest. Take the risk.

Scorpio- This month you will find time to read a book, cook or fall into a creative process. Since you seem to be stuck in a stress zone, make a little time to calm your nerves. Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones.

Sagittarius- Don’t be too hasty in certain situations. Just be yourself; adventurous and creative. You feel connected to others, so reach out to old friends and new. It just may lead to some plans this Valentine’s Day!

Capricorn- Stop over-thinking! Set small goals and don’t get too caught up in the details, nothing is completely set in stone. Start with talking to your crush and see where that gets you.

Aquarius- Happy Birthday! This month you are aligned with your personal passions and desires. Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. You will spend your free time with friends or a special someone. You know you want to do both but don’t exhaust yourself. Take time to prioritize because you can’t please everyone.

Pisces- You’re stressing yourself out. Power down a little. You take on so much responsibility for yourself and others. Take a breather by going out for a walk or try some meditation. A clear mind brings about enlightenment.