April Horoscopes | 2019

April Horoscopes | 2019


Phoebe Baldwin

Staff Writer

Aries- Happy Birthday! This month your creative side will shine through. Nobody will be able to hold you back when you set your sights on a new project. You can use your creativity, as well as your outstanding communication, to plan a super fun event in time for spring.

Taurus- Your passions and spirit will guide you through this month. Finding new adventures will lift you to new heights, but don’t forget to bring your friends along for the journey.

Gemini- Confidence is key this April. This will strengthen your relationships with friends and family. Just don’t let yourself go overboard with it. Make sure to take a break every once in a while; don’t let your mischievous side take control.

Cancer- Teamwork and stability will drive you. These qualities are your strong points, so expect a very productive month when it comes to school work. You also will find yourself closer with the people around you; you might even make a new friend.

Leo- You have strong feelings to express this month. This might lead to a new rival or a potential love interest. Don’t worry, you are very clever and will find a way to balance your personal and professional life.

Virgo- April is the time to demonstrate your artistic side. Creativity rules this month and has many adventures in store for you. Many will be impressed with the ways you use your imagination to make any situation better.

Libra- You are going to be very busy this spring! Structure will be something that will benefit you greatly this month. In the end, you will thrive in anything you want to accomplish, just make sure to manage your time well.

Scorpio- This month, your leadership skills will be put to the test. Many challenges are coming your way, but nothing you can’t handle. April will be full of romantic opportunities for you, so communication will be the key for getting that special someone to notice you.

Sagittarius- April will be a time for positivity and strength. You will take advantage of these qualities and use them when you are faced with any problem that comes your way. Relationships with your friends and family will strengthen this month, so balancing work and personal life will be important.

Capricorn- Wild and unpredictable are two terms that will define you throughout April. No one will be able to tell what you will do next. Staying grounded is nice, but branching out is a better fit for you.

Aquarius- You are playful and adventurous during this month. This will make April much more fun for you and everyone around you. Spending time with loved ones will be big for you, so expect a lot of bonding time with friends and family.

Pisces- Throughout April, your dreams will take flight and shape themselves into something amazing. When you set your mind to something, your determination and creativity will bring you success.