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October HORRORscopes |2019


October Horror-scopes 


Aries- This month you will be in a storm of chaos and self discovery. Make sure to take each challenge October throws at you individually and in a positive manner. Relying on your friends will also be an asset when in conflict; this way you will be able to overcome the ghouls that roam in the dark. 


Taurus- Forging your way through the social scene will be your strength. With your charisma and self-confidence, everyone will want to hang out with you during this spooky month. However, do not let this overwhelm you. Take a step back and reflect before diving into plans that are more than you can handle. 


Gemini- You are creative and that will shine through this fall. This will benefit you when tackling projects, whether it is carving a pumpkin or planning a fall festival. Your unique touches will be found in everything you do. 


Cancer- The quality of your work will increase throughout October. Determination and perseverance drive your work ethic and it will not go unrecognized. You will also express your thoughts and feelings with ease during the month. 


Leo- It is all about being decorative with you. All your friends will be enchanted with how well you incorporate fall and Halloween themes into your everyday life. Finding new ways to communicate will boost your success in everything you do. 


Virgo- For the past couple of months you have been very busy with activities that take up a lot of your energy. October is a time for you to relax and have fun apple picking with family. Nonetheless, keep your eye out for any new opportunities that will benefit you in the future. 


Libra- Change is just around the corner and it is up to you to embrace it. October can be the month to reinvent yourself or try something new. Overall, take this as a chance to connect with your community; doing so might surprise you.


Scorpio- Tensions will arise in your relationships. You will see who your true friends are this month. In addition, this fall will offer you a tremendous amount of personal growth and self development. 


Sagittarius- Work has a way of sneaking up on you this October. Make sure to keep up with it so you can have some Halloween fun at the end of the month. You are also going to be more open to making new friends, which will result in many new experiences. 


Capricorn- October will be a balance of work and fun. Both are equally important to have. Putting the two together will make any fall themed activity you plan one to remember.


Aquarius- Family might become overwhelming and you need to take some time for yourself. October will be full of opportunity to explore the world around you and widen your horizons. Maybe you will even find a new way to scare your friends just in time for Halloween. 


Pisces- This is a very generous month for you. Helping out those in need will be the primary force that drives you. Do not let the tricks fool you, people who truly need your assistance will be grateful and will make sure to express it.