December 2019 Horoscopes


Phoebe Baldwin 

Staff Writer 


December Horoscopes 


Aries- Your main goal during this festive season is to take the high road in any conflict that might arise. December is a busy month for you and you will burn out quickly. The last thing you need this month is any trouble, so take some time to yourself and relax if you feel overly stressed.


Taurus- You are going to reconnect with old friends and connect with new ones over the holidays. Choosing who you spend your time with this month will be the key to having a joyful month. Do not forget the friends from your ‘Christmas Past,” as one may turn into a future love interest. 


Gemini- Throughout December, you are going to find yourself reverting into the past and confusing your feelings. Take a break and process these feelings before acting on any misinterpretations of them. Be sure to step into the present and away from the past when needed. 


Cancer- Stress has consumed you in previous months.  December, however, will offer you an escape from it. Take this opportunity to give back to the community and spread the joy to people who need it most, including yourself.


Leo- It is time to deck the halls with the energy that you surround yourself with. You can use it to have all the new experiences that are on the horizon. Trying new things will give you purpose this month and might help you find your next hobby. 


Virgo- You have big plans this month and are getting ready to put them into motion. Whatever you set your mind to, you are sure to accomplish it with extraordinary skill. Ane wear that ugly sweater this season, it will lift your mood and put a smile on other people’s faces. 


Libra- Independence is your strong point this month. With all the projects and assignments that are right around the corner, you are sure to succeed. Nonetheless, you will be required to work in a group so do not get discouraged. No matter if you prefer to ice skate solo or figure skate with a partner, you are going to be successful. 


Scorpio- You are an excellent friend, and this December, everyone is going to notice. Whether it is advice on Christmas gifts or helping decorate the tree, your friends are going to appreciate  everything you do. This holiday season will help you express your strengths and apply them to helping others. 


Sagittarius- This winter you will face many difficult choices. You will be tempted to take the easy way out of them, but think about the long term effects before you do. Easier choices could get you onto the naughty list, taking the harder route will benefit you in the end.  


Capricorn- This winter season you will be improvements in both you romantic and platonic relationships. Difficult decisions will have to made, yet these will only reveal the truth about who is truly there for you. This month, confidence and commitment will be the key to making December run smoothly. 


Aquarius- Your December holds many hardships that plan to hold you back. Nevertheless, you are not going to let anything bring you down. Push yourself and overcome the challenges that the snowy weather will bring. 


Pisces-  You are living in the present and ready for the next new adventure. In addition to that, your creativity will have your holiday treats be the talk of the school. Give one to your crush, as it may work out in your favor.