February Horoscope | 2020


Phoebe Baldwin 

Staff Writer 


Aries- February is going to be a busy month for you. Between school work and your social life, you might get stressed out. However, you hold the strength to withstand it and close friends to help you overcome it. 


Taurus- You are taking the lead with your determination and passion. These two qualities will bring you a newfound sense of self-confidence this month, so make the most of it. Do not wait around for others to express themselves, instead, make the first move.  


Gemini- February is all about love. However, for you, this month is going to put your relationships in a rocky place. Whether it be with your siblings or significant other, compromise will be the key to reconstructing these relationships. 


Cancer- New opportunities are waiting for you just around the corner. Your social groups will grow as well as your realistic views. Take this chance to try something new or expand your social circle. 


Leo- This month is an impulsive one for you. You are ready to jump into the next challenge without fear of the consequences. This will lead to many adventures for you and the success that comes from them. However, failure is not avoidable so make sure to learn from it. 


Virgo- You are overflowing with creative ideas that will benefit you in and out of school. Your hard work will pay off and bring you the rewards you deserve. This February, follow your heart to wherever it leads you. This will make this month more enjoyable and full of love. 


Libra- Respect is what you are after this month. No one should be making fun of you or doubting your abilities when you can easily prove them wrong. This might throw you off-balance, however, you are strong and will surpass this quick conflict. 


Scorpio- You would rather be daydreaming in the clouds than focusing on reality. Distractions will be welcomed if you are not resistant. Despite this, you will be an extraordinary team player, which will result in one’s own victory.


Sagittarius- Get excited because this month is all about positivity. Your energy is contagious, putting everyone around you in a better mood. You will be able to concentrate that into something that can be used to benefit your community. 


Capricorn- February is going to be calm for you. Nothing stressful will damper your peaceful mindset. In addition to this, do not be afraid to be independent. You can definitely thrive on your own and rely on yourself more. 


Aquarius- You are going to need to focus on your relationships and making them stronger. Family ties might be tested and romantic relationships will become more difficult. However, knowing you, you will be able to reunite your relationships, thus creating a much more positive February.


Pisces- This month, expectations are soaring through your mind. Do not get disappointed when reality suddenly stops you in your tracks. February is the time to live your life to the fullest, especially with your loved ones. Have fun and reach for the sky.