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December Horoscopes

By: Olivia Cantadori ‘ 23

Aries: This month will be one of charisma and opportunity. Overall, it’s likely that you will experience a period of innovation and creativity. In this time, you should also remember to take breaks and reconnect with the world around you. This month will not be a stressful one for Aries, and it’s a perfect time to showcase your talents and plant new seeds. 


Taurus: This month, it might feel like you’re constantly being frustrated by obstacles getting in the way of your goals. Take the time to reassess your situation and make sure you’re not making your troubles worse. It’s an important time to build healthy communication between friends and family. The use of your intuition this month will benefit you greatly. 


Gemini: You might be feeling energetic and excited this month, ready to accomplish your goals and make important decisions. It might help to change up your routine with your enthusiasm. This is a month to let go of the past and start looking forward, and to reevaluate relationships that have been running you down. 


Cancer: Objectivity is your friend this month. It’s important to assess your emotions and conflicts, especially in family matters. You may realize that you’re finding it hard to move on from a goal or pursuit of yours. In order to help with this, try cooperating with older mentors with more experience. If you can let go of the things that are holding you back, there’s a great potential for an emotional payoff. 


Leo: Relationship problems can get in the way of your goals this December, it’s a time to find balance in life between fun and work. If you find your ego hurt, make sure to pull away as rash actions can lead to permanent consequences. Keep an open mind this month and look for new solutions. This month is a growth period for your creative pursuits. 


Virgo: You’ve been working hard these days and it’s time to take a break to focus on your physical wellbeing and family ties. Communication will play a big part of your life right now. What you say carries weight and can affect those around you. Focus on healing old wounds at this time. Though you may face some disruptions, this month is likely to be full of new foundations on which to grow. 


Libra:  You’re likely to experience some romance this month. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, working towards healthy goals can bear good results in this department. However, there could be family complications in the midst. It’s a perfect time to grow and share your talents. 


Scorpio: You may feel some extra stress weighing on you this month, and finding balance can be especially difficult. To manage your to-do list, allow yourself to take short breaks throughout the day and week. Although you may see a perfect time to start new projects, others might doubt your capability or motives. Personal relationships are due for important progress and growth. 


Sagittarius: Harnessing new ideas can help you accomplish your goals and strengthen your communication. It’s a good month to expand your understanding of the world through new educational challenges. A positive attitude is sure to open new doors for you, especially if you’re willing to let others know what’s on your mind. Allow new hope into your life and this will not be a stressful time. 


Capricorn: If you’ve been working hard recently, you’re likely to see it finally pay off this month. It might become easier for you to open yourself up to others and share how you’re feeling. An opportunity for partnership may arise, along with other progressions in the pursuits of your goals. You could begin to see that to achieve your ultimate goal, you might need to break away from the things that are holding you back. 


Aquarius: This month, you could have doubts about where you want to go in life. To help with this, you could set personal short term goals instead of worrying about long-term commitments. You’re likely to feel more energized than ever this month and using your talents in any way can help you unlock new experiences. Take things slowly; worrying will get you nowhere. 


Pisces: The decisions you make now may have the power to impact you long-term. You should remember to think deeply about decisions before you commit. If there are problems in friendships or family relations, you may have to rethink your boundaries with that person. Since it’s an important time for decision making, it may benefit you to talk to a close friend about your feelings or doubts.