May Horoscopes

Olivia Cantadori ‘23

Staff Writer 


Aries: For hardworking Aries, this month will be good for achieving your goals. You should take time for your friends and family, as they might need some of your help at the beginning of the month. Luckily, you won’t experience many issues or conflicts in your family. You’re not likely to experience any drastic changes in your life. 


Taurus: You must examine every stranger with wariness and caution. You’ll meet many new people this month, and it’s important to remind yourself that this may not always be a good thing. This is a great month to look for a job or college. Though this month will bring many potential areas of conflict between friends, this will likely be brief and surface level. Overall, May offers the right time to invest in self-improvement and education. 


Gemini: May will be a very rushed month for Gemini, as it may seem like your goals are running from you. During this time, it’s important to keep your pride and bitterness in check. In the middle of the month, life could become easier for you and you may feel like things are finally looking up. Make sure you keep your mind clear of distractions, as it’s likely that family members could put more responsibilities on your shoulders. 


Cancer: May pushes for action from Cancer; listen to your instincts but remember to plan important decisions to avoid future problems. Your mood or emotions could be unpredictable and often unstable this month; you could feel an urge to make a drastic change. If you’ve recently experienced some conflict with a loved one, expect that it will soon come to an end. This month could have the potential to be one of great change for Cancers. 


Leo: If you focus and work hard at the beginning of the month, there will be several positive events and feelings waiting for you in the future. For Leo, the month of May should focus on spending time with loved ones and focusing on previously neglected duties. The decisions that are made this month have the power to impact you in the future, so think carefully. 


Virgo: Though fights and conflicts with friends are likely this month, you must stay uninvolved when possible. Unfortunately, you may be depended on to take care of family affairs, however, if you can restrain yourself from judgment, these should go by smoothly. Luckily, the end of the month opens up time for Virgos to enjoy themselves or try something new. 


Libra: Instead of taking advantage of your energy at the beginning of the month, work on doing things that benefit you. Some of the projects or ideas you’ve put to the side recently can be revisited with new inspiration. It’s likely that in the latter half of the month, your relationships will take up the bulk of your time. You must deal with these conflicts calmly. 

Scorpio: The beginning of May will likely be a confusing and obscure time for Scorpios. You may not have a very firm grasp on what you’re being asked to do, or how you should go about something. However, now is the time for inertia; it’s likely that through productivity the answer will become clearer. The end of the month promises a break from stress and time with friends and family. 


Sagittarius: Your top priority this month will probably be your friends and family. You must listen to their problems with sympathy and an open mind. However, you should be wary of trusting strangers and new acquaintances until you get to know them better. If you’ve recently felt like your life has been off-balance, the month of May offers you the opportunity to get back on track. 


Capricorn: The beginning of May brings fun and excitement for Capricorn in the form of new hobbies and friendships. It’s important to value your independence more than ever right now and to do the things you’re interested in. There’s a chance that your grades or focus may decrease in the latter half of the month. Special attention should be given to subconscious messaging in dreams at the end of May; they could shed light on a difficult situation. 


Aquarius: For Aquarius, May will be a stress-free month. Though you probably won’t experience any great changes or opportunities this month, it’s a good time to relax. Friends and family will be the main priority. There’s a lot of fun to be had this month, but major problems or difficulties shouldn’t be neglected. At the end of May, make sure to rethink goals or set new ones. 


Pisces: There’s a chance that old projects or goals will finally be realized this month. The decisions you make this month could have long-term consequences, however, this is also a good time to clear up old mistakes and look for a clean slate. Fresh energy could come to you in the middle of the month and with it a fresh look at hobbies and new friendships. Though you may experience some family problems this month, they’ll be over quickly.