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December Horoscopes


By: Olivia Cantadori ‘23, Staff Writer 

Aries: This month will be one of very good luck for Aries, you may even find yourself at the door of a new opportunity. Now is a good time to show your affection and gratitude towards loved ones. However, remain cautious when sharing parts of your personal life with friends or family. Your stories may be misunderstood or distorted by those around you. 


Taurus: Though the beginning of the month will be rushed and hectic, your life should calm down by the end. By being open with friends and family, you might discover that you gain their sympathy and respect. You must see this month as a way to restart after the anxiety and tension that may be haunting you. 


Gemini: December will be a calm time for Gemini and a welcome one. Tensions and battles within the home are likely to be minimal and well-intentioned. It’s a good idea to take this time to start planning for the year ahead, start early when considering projects and try to finish any hanging assignments or ideas for the new year. This is a time of low stress, enjoy it while it lasts. 


Cancer: You may be feeling a bit defensive this December, and this can be good in certain situations. Don’t let others push you around this month, now is the time to stand up for yourself and make strides in your personal life. Follow your instincts and everything should go well, despite any challenges you might encounter. 


Leo: Now is a busy time for you, and you might be feeling overwhelmed, however now is not the time to relax. You are determined this month, and you should use this motivation to push towards personal goals. You will be needed as a mediator this month, as friends and family will lean on you for support and advice through their conflicts. 


Virgo: This month is the time for you to listen to the advice of others and learn from your mistakes. You may be feeling pressured to achieve this month, and while you are ready to meet the challenge, you should do so with moderation, keeping your stress levels in mind. To your friends and family, you will be seen as a comforting figure, and your attention and affection for others will not go unnoticed. 


Libra: You need to find the balance between your personal life and your responsibilities. You’ve been swinging between extremes and it’s finally time to settle down and focus on the road ahead. You may find that you have an opportunity to travel. While you may be busy at the end of the month, don’t rush through your work. 


Scorpio: At the beginning of the month, you’ll probably be riddled with doubts about your personal life, this should clear up in the middle of the month when everything gets put into perspective. If you’ve been planning some kind of trip, now is the right time to carry it out. Even though you may have experienced some setbacks, do not let these set you off course. 


Sagittarius: You’ll experience a momentary slow down at the beginning of the month, but things should start to pick up later on, and you may find yourself in a rush by the end. You need to make a change in your life, something has been holding you back and now is the time to let it go. You’re encouraged to speak your mind with both your friends and family. Luck will be on your side this December.


Capricorn: You’ll be very busy, especially at the beginning of the month, but this should be welcome, as you’ll likely be busy with activities you care about and enjoy. While it may be difficult you must remain patient and emotionally aware during this time as angry remarks may be misunderstood by those close to you. 


Aquarius: Current and new relationships will continue to grow positively at the beginning of the month and your personal life will be calm and stress-free. You may encounter some conflicts later on as friends might depend on you for advice or counsel. Remember to stay impartial and level-headed. Stay open and friendly through this December and you may find new doors opening. 


Pisces: You may feel panicked and anxious at the beginning of the month due to a recent change in your habits or routine. You should try to see this change as something positive and necessary, by doing so you’ll likely find a way to benefit from this disturbance. Throughout the month it’s important to cast away your fear of failure and pursue new projects or interests.