April Horoscopes

By: Olivia Cantadori



Aries: This month will likely be filled with events and excitement for Aries; you will likely find yourself subject to many turbulent “ups and downs” this April. It’s important that despite this, you remain level-headed and practice patience in the day-to-day. Try to be diplomatic and take on the role of the mediator if those around you are in conflict. 


Taurus: Your independence takes center stage this month. You must be self-possessed and confident in your actions and decisions going forward. Don’t be afraid to break from people’s expectations. If you have been neglecting some of your ambitions, now is the time to reignite them. If you open yourself up to new experiences,  the month will likely be an enjoyable one. 


Gemini: Though you have felt dreary and helpless in the past, this month promises to bring better times. You may find yourself being more optimistic or lucky than usual. No matter what you do, you’ll likely find that you implement the help of others. Someone could open new doors for you, and bring you one step closer to realizing your ambitions, don’t be afraid to meet new people. 


Cancer: You may feel easily annoyed this month, especially with your family or those close to you. You feel that your conversations have been redundant and shallow lately. However, now is not the time to become pessimistic, try to be more open with those around you. Though you may have been stressed lately, you will soon get the chance to relax. 


Leo: This month will likely be one of confusion and conflict. You have tension to deal with concerning those around you and are plagued by moods that are unfamiliar and stagnating. You must remain grounded and hold onto some certainty. Try not to fall behind deadlines. 


Virgo: This April, you will likely feel unorganized and rushed. Slow down and reflect on what you are doing and consider whether or not your actions are bringing you closer to your goals. You will likely experience a positive shift in either your personal or professional life. You may be noticed for your hard work in school or work. 


Libra: You will likely be impressed with the input or advice of others this month, and you are encouraged to listen to those around you. Though many opportunities will be extended to you, do not overexert yourself, measure your time and plan accordingly before taking on any more responsibilities. 


Scorpio: You’ve been taking a lot of blame recently for things that either weren’t your fault or weren’t in your control. It’s time that you speak up for yourself and set the record straight. To have a stress-free month, you must consider your options before making a decision. Make sure you won’t regret your actions later. 


Sagittarius: You will be extended many great prospects and opportunities this month, but not all of them will be open immediately. Practice patience and things will soon improve. Before listening to the advice of others, make sure you know how you feel about certain conflicts. Stick to your instincts and ideals and avoid being swayed by the words of others. 


Capricorn: It’s time to rid yourself of bad influences, the people and problems in your life that are holding you back and causing you harm. However, stay vigilant and consider your actions carefully. If there’s a conflict you’ve been needing to resolve with someone, take the time this month to talk through it and reach a conclusion. 


Aquarius: You might be feeling very talkative this month, take this time to spend time with friends and meet new people. If you’ve been feeling a bit restless recently, it might be time to start an ambitious project or goal. Don’t be afraid to take on some new responsibilities at school or work as these may help you in the long run. 


Pisces: This month is likely to be a good one for Pisces, you might find that you are surrounded by love and fulfillment on all sides. If you’ve been dealing with a long conflict or problem, you could find the answer this month. There might be a surprise meeting or gift in store for you this month, so stay vigilant.