June Horoscopes


Olivia Cantadori ‘23 

Aries: In June, you may be surprised to find that your hectic life has slowed down. You will be able to relax and change your pace and habits. Now is a good time to explore new activities and enjoy time with others. If you have projects or personal goals to complete, you may find them stagnated, especially at the beginning of the month. Try to enjoy your moments of relaxation without too much stress. 


Taurus: You have many projects to get through right now, whether academic or personal. It’s important that you make every effort to see them through this June. You may feel a bit impulsive this month, which can be a good thing as you are likely looking forward to a change in routine. Now is a good time to spend time with friends and family and reconcile with someone you had a conflict with in the past. 


Gemini: June will be a positive month for Gemini and a welcome change from the stress of the previous months. You should take advantage of this summer period to go outside and find new inspiration for your personal projects. You might find you are craving excitement and new experiences, therefore, you’re encouraged to reach out and talk to new acquaintances. 


Cancer: For Cancer, June serves as the perfect opportunity to shake up your routine. If you’ve been feeling restless lately, take a break from your chores and use this time to invest in new experiences and hobbies. You’ll likely find that many of the more important decisions you have to make this month will be scrutinized by family, though you should take their advice into account, do not let it make you do something you will regret. 


Leo: Unfortunately, you will encounter an abundance of small annoyances this month. Luckily, many of them won’t escalate if you practice self-control. Moderation and discipline will help you to overcome difficulties, especially at the beginning of the month. You may be feeling a bit destabilized this month, so it’s important that you take the time to focus on regaining balance. 


Virgo: This month will be full of opportunities for Virgo. You find that you have the energy to begin or finish neglected projects and step up to leadership positions. The middle of the month may provide the chance for you to show off your skills. If you are experiencing a personal dilemma, welcomed advice will likely come at the end of the month and should not be ignored.  


Libra: It’s important that you listen closely to what your friends and family are sharing with you this month. Your attention and appreciation will help strengthen the relationships in your life and allow for more trust later on. You are encouraged to be patient with others as it’s likely that many important decisions will have to be made with the help of others this month. 


Scorpio: Now is the time to draft plans for the future. Whether it be personal or professional projects, you are encouraged to make decisions that will likely impact your life later on. Take your time on these dilemmas and take advice when it is offered. You might be surprised and delighted to find that the success you have been longing for is not far from your grasp. 


Sagittarius: If the last couple of weeks has been hectic, June will be a welcome chance to slow down the pace. You may be feeling unusually emotional this month and therefore, it’s important that you take the time to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. At the end of the month, you may experience a boost of motivation; make the most of it and try something new. 


Capricorn: At the beginning of the month, you will experience a rough patch. You may feel distracted, upset, and generally solemn. You’re advised to avoid getting tangled up in the problems of others this June. While your emotions will likely stay on edge, you may experience a stroke of luck around the middle of the month. 


Aquarius: It’s time to take a break from daily worries and instead focus on using this month as a time to think about your goals and desires. Introspective thinking will allow you to solve problems you have been struggling with recently and will likely illuminate new parts of your personality. Your talents and skills will allow you to stand out amongst your peers, especially in the latter half of the month. 


Pisces: You are experiencing a period of clarity this June. Once tangled problems now become clear and easy to manage. However, solutions are more difficult to implement, you may feel that nothing you try to do fixes the problem. Take a break and try to think about something else, the solution may come to you in an unexpected way. You’re encouraged to be open to new ideas and people even if it doesn’t agree with your past judgments.