Teenage Job Market

Turning sixteen is a big step for kids. They start driving and are able to legally get a job. Most teens enjoy having a job in order to make money, and to carry the responsibility of working. However, as of April 2010, according to realclearmarkets.com, 25.4% of teens in the United States are unemployed.

Many teens nationwide, and even in Bethel High School, struggle to find work in this difficult job market. Mike Kaluta, a junior at Bethel High School, states, “I have been having difficulties finding a job,” he explains. “I have tried restaurants, golf places, grocery stores, and hardware stores and have had no luck.” Kaluta is just one of the many teens nationwide struggling.

This leads to the question, why are teens struggling to find employment? Mrs. Karnath, a business teacher at Bethel High School, explains, “In the United States, about 9% of people are unemployed, while 18% are underemployed. These people that are underemployed tend to obtain jobs that require less skill that would normally be a teenager’s job. This leaves teens at an unemployment rate of about 25%.”

Karnath suggests teens take the time, “to understand that there is a lot of competition, and to be prepared with skills needed for a job. Developing technology and communication skills gives a big advantage for teens. The older generation lacks skills in technology, and most teenagers in recent years have grown weak in communication skills because of social media and texting.”

Hopefully, the teenage job market will become stronger in the near future. This is an important time for teens to find work because they have car expenses, college funds, and other fees in their everyday lives. Mrs. Karnath believes, “Things will be improving because with new professions, it will allow for more teenage jobs.”