Planning for the BHS Hall of Fame

Jack Moriarty, Journalism Student

Several local high schools have athletic Halls of Fame in their school to honor past student athletes. Bethel High School has been discussing this idea for quite some time, and now it is becoming a reality. It is official: Bethel High School will be inducting past athletes into a Hall of Fame, and they are starting to take nominations now.

Mark Goodwin, Athletic Director at Bethel High School, explains, “I think this Hall of Fame will be a popular aspect of BHS and its past. The athletic history of BHS is very extensive, and an event such as this will keep these memories alive.” Goodwin adds, “The Hall of Fame will be located in the gym section of the building. The specific location is yet to be determined.”

Jayme McGovern, English teacher and co-founder of the Hall of Fame, explains, “The inspiration for this endeavor came from the desire to recognize the rich athletic history that Bethel has.” McGovern states, “So many great student athletes, coaches, and members of the community have passed through Bethel or contributed to athletics in some way that they deserve to be nominated and honored in our Hall of Fame.”

McGovern also announces the requirements an athlete must have to qualify for the Hall of Fame. The student must have graduated from BHS at least ten years prior to the induction year, achieved notable accomplishments through his/her tenure as a student-athlete, and gone on to be a respectable member of society. Coaches and others (such as Athletic Directors and/or parents) who made significant contributions to BHS athletics can also be nominated.

Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. McGovern and many others are excited for the new Hall of Fame. They believe this will be a fabulous addition to the school, and that is a great way to honor past student-athletes and other contributors. BHS does not know who will be the first person inducted into the Hall of Fame, however we do know, “the fall of this year will be the first induction of the hall,” states Mr. Goodwin.