Churchill’s Political Push

Greg Churchill, Staff Writer

Hello and welcome to today’s Political Push with your friend Greg.

Gas Prices Dropping
In U.S new, it appears as though some Americans will be paying less again at the pump. The average price for gas is still up 85 cents from last year. However, I am going to give this latest drop in natural gas another full month before the wallet strain begins again. CNN reports that we may have a drop of another 10 cents at retail. In times of deep economic trouble, this is music to our ears and this won’t be the last bit of good news this country gets.

Golden ATMS?
ATMs have become our favorite dispenser of the source of goodness. Well, our good friends in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and even right here in the USA have ATMs that dispense real gold. The machines will update the price of gold every 10 minutes to give the consumer the most up to date information. These machines can hold up to 200 kilograms of gold and will dispense them at different sizes based on the consumers’ desire for the gold.

Zheng Ruixiang, director of the Beijing Gongmei Group, says that the dispenser is a source of “national pride” knowing that the Chinese people have enough money in their fast- growing economy to acquire and spend gold bars at shops and other commercial destinations. However, these gold machines aren’t located out in the middle of the streets; they are usually in high security locations such as airports, hotels, and casinos.

That’s an Enigma!

In a London auction, one World War II- era machine sold for a record $208,137. This Enigma machine was a device that could scramble a message more than 150 million (to the third power) ways. Germans believe Enigma, was completely unbreakable until Allies’ developed their own code breaking system named Ultra.

This final price was about double the original estimate of 50,000 pounds, or just about 77,000 US dollars. The previous most expensive Enigma machine, sold in the exact same auction house, sold for about $104,000.