Floats Are Out!

Amanda Raney, Journalism Student

For the past several years, homecoming has been a joyous event including peppy parades, school spirit, and festive floats. This year, a change has been made: floats are out; hallways are in.

Ms. Musser, the director of student activities and architect of this yearly event, states that she is excited and enthusiastic about this change. “It’s going to be fantastic and a lot different,” Ms. Musser says.

She believes that decorating the hallways instead of creating floats will be beneficial to the overall success of the event. “Floats take a lot of time,” she says. However, decorating the hallways will also be time consuming, and requires the same amount of effort and creativity.

The hard work that goes into creating these decorations will not be ignored this year, because many people will have the opportunity to view them, unlike the floats. “Over the past couple of years, we haven’t had a big enough audience to view them,” Musser complains. The lack of viewers to appreciate the floats is a large portion of the reason why hallway decorations are replacing the annual floats. “Now, the entire student body is going to see the hallways, parents will see it, and staff will get to see it,” says Ms. Musser.

While Ms. Musser believes that decorating the hallways instead of making floats for homecoming will result in happier people, the overwhelming majority of students strongly disagree.

Senior class president, Abdullah Hasan reveals that he is saddened and disappointed with this decision. “I’ve done the float for the past three years and it’s just more fun and more motivational. Limiting the decorations for the float to only a segment of the hallway is definitely a challenge, but it is a challenge that the we, the seniors, will have to accept.”

Junior Abby Heinemeyer says that she does not like the idea of decorating the hallways instead of doing floats for homecoming, because she feels that hallway decorations are “too middle school-ish.”

Wildcat Word found that nearly 70% of students are unhappy with the decision to ditch the floats. The results are based on a tally taken in the cafeteria during lunch waves.

Regardless, the drastic change to homecoming will be interesting. Perhaps some student will change their mind about losing floats after hallways are decorated.