Mixed Feelings about Homecoming’s Success

Journalism Staff

Students at Bethel High School came together to show their school spirit by dressing up for ‘Class Color Day,’ ‘Superhero Day,’ ‘Tye Dye Day,’ and ‘Wildcat Pride Day’ during the week of October 11. Student reactions were mixed after the Junior class won the pep rally and the football game ended with a disappointing 30-7 loss against Weston.

Homecoming Reactions
“This year is better than last year because I’m not a freshman and I have a little more authority.”
– Katilin DeSimone (’14)

“I think that homecoming, even though it was stressful to plan, ended up turning out very fun and brought us closer as a school.”
– Elena Rinaldi (’13) A Student Government President

Float Competition
“We put so much effort into our float. But I think it was our lack of spirit that lost it for us.”
– Abdullah Hasan (’12) Senior Class President

Pep Rally
“Overall, Spirit Week was a success. Despite a few hectic moments, we all pulled it together for a great pep rally.”
– Ms. Jessica Christiansen, Student Government Adviser

“Homecoming really brings the school community together.”
– Dakota Wissell (’12)

Football Game
“I feel like no one cares about us. This is embarrassing.”
– Chad Klinefelter (’14) Member of the Marching Band

“It was really exciting being in the crowd. Everyone’s adrenaline was rushing.”
– David Oliva (’12)