BHS Shows Its Spirit

Lauren DeSimone and Katherine Filler, Journalism Students

The most exciting part of every year is the week of homecoming. This year, Bethel High School’s competitive spirit was extended beyond the football field. Individual grades fought to win the class cup. With points awarded for dress up days, hallway decoration and pep rally participation, the junior class walked away with the prize.

Amber Albert (’15) and Lauren Bradshaw (’15), freshman at Bethel High School said, “Spirit week is a lot of fun, but it is so much competitive in the high school then it was in the middle school.” Since it was their first year, Albert and Bradshaw both said that the high school showed more pride and energy then in the middle school.

Seniors, Angelica Bonnabeau (’12) and Meghan Fehr (’12), agreed saying, “Color day was amazing because pretty much our whole grade dressed in red. We finally came together as one!” Bonnabeau and Faye said that they love being seniors and on top of the school.

However, despite all the fun of homecoming, there were some mixed feelings. Serena Coons (’13) and Nikki Nevins (’13), juniors at Bethel High School said that homecoming this year wasn’t as good as last year because of the shortened days. “We liked the themes this year but the early dismissal and delayed openings ruined the week. The themes should have been switched to different days or the whole week should have been moved to a full week,” Coons said.

Nevins agreed. “Class color day, which is the best day, was only a half day. That’s the best day so I didn’t like that it was shortened,” said Nevins.