Café hooray!

Amanda Raney, Student Life Editor

Spring of 2012 will be a flavorful season for Culinary II students. Not only will these students get a taste of what it’s like to work in food industry, they will be putting their culinary skills to task by cooking lunch for BHS staffers in the Wildcat Cafe.

Coming this April, teachers at BHS will have the option to purchase their lunch from culinary students. Staff members will receive menus, and once they make a selection from it, the participating students will put their culinary skills to the test, by cooking and serving the meals.

All of this will transpire right here at the school, during the lunch break. For the duration of the A lunch wave, students will prepare the kitchen and ingredients. During the B lunch wave, the kids will begin the actual cooking process. Finally, during the C lunch wave, students will complete the procedure by putting their final touches on the entrées, beverages and desserts, followed by the act of delivering the meals to those who ordered them.

The student body is not permitted to order food from the Wildcat Café, because Mrs. Brill, the culinary teacher and proprietor of this event does not want to be competing with the school cafeteria. “I’m not allowed to sell to students, and I would not want to be responsible for the cafeteria losing business from the students,” states Mrs. Brill.

However, staff members are free to utilize the Wildcat Café’s services. Mrs. Brill believes that the Wildcat Café is a beneficial program those participating in it, because it “gives students a chance to see how things really happen in food services.”

There will be two ways of which food can be ordered from the café: getting served, or getting take out. This is much like that of a real restaurant, thus providing students with an accurate idea of how the food industry operates. In addition, menus will be provided.

Menus will consist of “simple meals, like quiches and salads,” Brill explains. The options on the menu will change daily, but the most popular choices will be offered upon multiple occasions.

The futures of those students with culinary aspirations may depend upon their experience with the Wildcat Café. Preparing, cooking, and serving full meals for paying customers will provide them with knowledge and experience of the food industry.